1. We bring teams together through extraordinary experiences.

    Stand-out locations.
    Incredible food and bars.
    Unique team activities and
    The Elsewhere team from start to finish.

    Offsites, team building, conferences,
    leadership retreats, team drinks & parties.

    In a word… everything.

  2. We don’t like grey hotels.
    We love wow factor.
    Places full of spark.
    Unusual and anti-uniform.
    All in and around London.

    Our locations range from a private island off the coast of Essex to Winston Churchill’s favourite inn on the Thames.

    We’ve also ventured abroad for those looking to go further afield.

    Take a look here.

  3. We’ve created all our own team building experiences. They are unique to Elsewhere. The watch-words for us are fun, authenticity and originality.

    Take a look here.

  4. We offer great value 24 hours a day.

    For over-nighters prices start from £249+VAT per person per 24 hours.

    The daytime rate really depends on what you want to do.

    And then it’s just alcohol, team building activities and entertainment on top.

    See what’s included in our 24 hr rate.

  5. There’s nothing like a team night out.
    We’ve created our own offerings for when going to the pub just isn’t going to cut it.

    Take a look here.

  6. It starts with a call or a coffee. We’ll work with you to help you figure out what you’d like to get out of your offsite. Then we’ll go and create it for you. One offs every time.

    +44 (0) 20 7060 5970

  7. Create the conference with the right ingredients to take you forward.

    The conference that delivers real buy-in, right from the off.

    Click to see more.

Sometimes You Just Need A Big Party

Elsewhere is on a mission to bring teams together. Our starting principle is that we need to get you out of the office.

Sometimes you need a different setting, somewhere to get a little perspective a few miles away from office life. Sometimes you require inspiring team building activities, a conference or a group meeting…

…but sometimes you just need a big party.

When it’s done right – it’s a reward, a celebration of your successes, a real treat and most of all a great way to let off some steam.

We’ve created two brand new parties with our friends at fabric, the legendary nightclub – Indian Summer (an immersive experience that starts in Mr. Benn’s magical costume shop) and UnChristmas (an alternative to boring office parties)

Why did we bother? Because we’re with Richard Branson. When it comes to sustaining a positive culture you should:

“Throw your employees the biggest party you can afford.”


Great Big Party

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