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    Our locations range from a private island off the coast of Essex to Winston Churchill’s favourite inn on the Thames.

    We’ve also ventured abroad for those looking to go further afield.

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  3. We’ve created all our own team building experiences. They are unique to Elsewhere. The watch-words for us are fun, authenticity and originality.

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Speakers Update

Ben Hunt Davies – Everything changes except our values.

At Elsewhere we value fun, creativity and attention to detail.
We strive to deliver extraordinary experiences.

In business the status quo is a comfortable place but unfortunately it isn’t our friend.

Thinking different has helped us find a new way of bringing value to clients – a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded market.

If we want to bring new life, new direction and new energy to the party then we all need to make the leap and do different.

Ben Hunt-Davis brings this idea to life with his story in the short YouTube video below. Ben is a rower and has been a member of Team GB for 5 Olympic Games since 1992. Over this period the rowing teams success moved from 1 GOLD up to a staggering 29 GOLDS in London 2012.

For Ben the change in expectations and performance has been incredible to be part of.



Marc Woods – Go Faster

Building and sustaining competitive advantage all boils down to one thing – how much quicker at learning are we than our competition.

Going faster isn’t just about putting in the hours. It’s about working smarter.
More productively, together.

Steve Jobs had an interesting approach to personal performance – he approached each day like it was his last. If it didn’t move the dial. He didn’t do it.

And county swimmer (as he was then), Marc Woods, is one of the few people you’ll likely meet who found his fight with bone cancer to be a deeply motivating experience. Whilst he lost his left leg in the process – the day after his stitches came out, Marc was back in the pool.

For Marc it was all about a wake up call. He didn’t know how things were going to pan out for him but he did know that his big target was to be the fastest swimmer that he could be. If he focused on being the best he could possibly be – then he stood a real shot of Olympic gold.

Not only was Marc able to go faster than his competitors but within a year of his amputation he was swimming faster with one leg than he was when he had two.

In Marc’s 17 years of competition he won a staggering 12 Paralympic medals from 5 Games (including 4 Golds). Take a look at this inspirational speech by Mark…



Jamie Ramsay – The Real Forest Gump

We’re big fans of the extra mile.
It’s what sets us all apart from the competition –
the ability to keep on keeping on when everyone else has stopped.


WP_20141021_18_00_03_Pro__highres PS


So it goes without saying that we were very excited to work with Jamie Ramsay last week.
As the sub-title and picture suggests, Jamie is the real Forrest Gump.

Jamie started his most recent journey in Vancouver and ran across 2 continents to Buenos Aires – a staggering distance of 17,000km.

Yes, of course you need to be physically tough (and have some serious time to invest), but for us the big parallel with business and so much of life is – it’s all about having the right state of mind. An ability to be keep the positivity alive when it’s all so easy to pack it in.

Jamie told us that what works for him is to break the journey down into bite-size segments that he can handle and sustain the positive thoughts over.

And in true Forrest Gump style don’t constrain yourself to a certain number of miles each day when you set off – as those contraints are all self-imposed. A self-imposed handicap right from the off.

Jamie just kept on running. And we love him for that.


P1070140 PS


Col. Tim Collins – Field Briefing

Previously we took our London Bomb Squad to new heights as we introduced an SAS extension piece. Teams firstly had to figure out the rendezvous point.

Once there- they found Col. Tim Collins in a candle-lit room.

(after a short bit of shouting in a darkened room and mental stress beyond belief – as we made everyone hand in their mobile phones before they entered the secure area)




No death by Powerpoint. Just a powerful keynote on leadership and building teams. 70 minutes followed by Q&A. A thought-provoking section, followed by lunch which we rudely interupted with an air raid siren…


Blaire Palmer – Leadership is a responsibility, not a job title

It’s about taking your group forward…..initiating and delivering change.

Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. It’s better to be out ahead of it – the initiator rather than the reactor.

Striking out and pushing forward is where the prizes are. But of course, there is a process of pain in the pursuit of getting there. That’s the dynamic that makes change a challenge – It isn’t easy.

The pain is instant but the benefits accrue over time

A bit like the new years resolution of going to the gym. After a couple of days you feel a bit sore and you start to question whether this is a good idea. You look in the mirror and don’t see any benefit. The quit rate is high.

Sticking at it and staying the course produces benefits that outweigh the cost by an order of magnitude. The change is striking and you wouldn’t dream of going back to the old ways of doing things.

Teams need a real understanding of why they’re doing what they’re doing. A shared belief can be incredibly powerful, so when we stand back after 3 months and take a look in the mirror, we’re empowered to look for more change. To keep challenging the status quo.

Watch this great Youtube video by Blaire Palmer. Blaire is an expert in leadership, teamwork and change :



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